The future of pilot safety.

Because nothing should be left to chance

Aviators know that being in good physical condition is the key to safe and responsible flying. This is why they maintain a healthy lifestyle, working hard to stay physically and mentally fit. But no matter how hard they try, even the best among them are not immune to occasional moments of weakness. Many admit to having already experienced fatigue or blurred vision during flight. They are aware that even an unlikely coincidence or a tiny mistake can have serious consequences, especially if not discovered quickly enough. Although experienced flyers master the art of predicting possible risk factors and avoiding them, nobody can be completely prepared for the unexpected…

Complete safety requires advanced technology

For several years, professional as well as recreational pilots have been calling for technology that would help them keep their wellbeing in check and make informed decisions about their safety.However, while considerable progress has been made in the development of navigation and flight monitoring systems, there have only been few efforts to provide aviators with technologies that would also watch over them. As we know that up in the skies, leaving even the smallest details to chance can have consequences, so we decided to fill this void and take pilot safety to a new era…


A unique, state-of-the-art monitoring system for pilots

Let the most advanced wearable technology out there keep you safe in the sky. Measuring a pilot’s vital signs and monitoring their environment, FlySentinel is a cutting-edge wrist monitor that identifies potential in-flight risks situations and helps to prevent them long before they pose a real threat.

FlySentilnel is our answer to the lack of commercially available pilot monitoring systems. It is a standout device that offers the most complete array of information about the pilot’s condition and other flight parameters on the market.

The perfect wingman

Put your wellbeing in the hands of smart technology that represents a perfect extension of your skills and senses. FlySentinel is a wrist wingman that is just like you – alert, analytical, calm and ready to deal with any scenario. One that, just like the best wingmen, always has your back.

Combining information on your heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature with input on parameters such as cabin temperature, humidity or CO and CO2 levels, FlySentinel will not only detect and alert you to potentially risky situations, but also suggest corrective actions. In the worst possible scenario, it can even automatically send a distress call.

Aim higher, travel further

Enjoy full freedom above the clouds without sacrificing the highest level of safety. Let a non-intrusive and non-invasive monitoring system take care of you while you make every moment up there count.

By detecting risk factors long before the situation becomes critical, it enables you to take additional precautions during the flight instead of forcing you to land prematurely. Thus, you can maximise your flying time without taking unnecessary risks. Know your limits without challenging them.

What happens above the clouds stays in the cloud

Simply transfer the recorded data to your personal cloud or computer and access it whenever you want. Take advantage of this information to optimise your flying style or conditions and fly smarter.

The Sentinel Cloud service offers a complete overview of what is happening in the sky, thus enabling you to easily gather the parameters you are interested in. Instead of spending time figuring out what is hindering your performance, FlySentinel helps you to quickly define the issues and find effective solutions.

A lifesaver in the sky, a stylish and durable wrist monitor on the ground

Designed by world-renowned experts from Studio Miklavc, winner of 3 Red Dot awards, FlySentinel is a perfect blend of exquisite futuristic style and advanced functionality. Its high-tech sophistication is complemented by premium materials that make it a pleasure to wear – inside or outside of the cockpit.

The shape and quality also represent a culmination of a perfect pilot experience. Even a quick glance at the screen will fill you with a unique sense of pride and trust, reminding you that you are kept safe by the technology of tomorrow.

Developed by pilots for pilots

FlySentinel is the brainchild of programming and medical experts who are also keen aviators themselves. Drawing on their hands-on experience, they can truly understand the specific needs of pilots while also possessing the complex knowledge needed to adequately address them – from vast experience in electronics and programming to remote patient monitoring.

Smarter than a smartwatch, more practical than a collection monitoring devices

Objectives of this set of paragraphs:

  • Show a comparison between a smartwatch or any other type of gadget and FS – a table from the materials
  • Prime the reader in terms of pricing by stressing the innovation behind the non-intrusive parameter control (smarter than a smartwatch) and practicality of not needing several monitoring devices at once … Final versions of the text after discussion

How it works

  • The advanced wristband measures a pilot’s physiological parameters (heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure), monitors their environment (temperature, humidity, noise level, G-force, CO and CO2 levels) and provides their GPS coordinates and altitude
  • If the system detects any safety concerns, it gently vibrates, displays an alert and suggests corrective actions whenever possible
  • In case of emergency (pilot incapacitation etc.), FlySentinel sends an automated distress call with the GPS location of the pilot and the summary of the emergency
  • Sentinel Cloud Service
    Data from a FlySentinel device can be uploaded to a cloud or a personal computer for analysis and graphical interpretation

Human parameters:

  • Body temperature
  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate

Future additions:

  • Blood pressure (transcutaneous)
  • Blood glucose (transcutaneous)
    *All parameters are measured non-invasively and non-intrusively

Environmental parameters:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient noise
  • Ambient humidity
  • Ambient CO concentration
  • G-force
  • GPS coordinates


Human parameters:

  • 40mm diameter x 10.50mm
  • 316L stainless steel uni-body case & crown
  • Polished, sand-blasted & DLC coated (anti-smudge coating) options
  • Sapphire domed crystal with AR coating
  • 100m WR rating - swimming & snorkelling
  • Swiss electric movement - 515.24 by Ronda AG
  • 45 month power reserve
  • 20mm strap width - leather & silicone options
  • Custom buckle to match case finish


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MedicoApps is a high-tech solution provider of health diagnostic, monitoring and risk-preventing applications / systems for industry and consumer specific needs.

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MedicoApps Center for development of
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